• All In One Interactive Whiteboard
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    Using Dual Operating Systems

TIPI is the first Digital Interactive Panel Design in Indonesia that fulfill your business and education needs.

Our smart interactive panel utilizes an innovative system with a touch screen system up to more than 10 touch points simultaneously over the existing digital whiteboard work system, with touch screen technology using infrared sensors that are not easily distracted or blocked when used by multiple users.

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TIPI ( Televisi Interaktif Pintar Indonesia ) a new breakthrough flat screen interactive panel display that is present to be able to facilitate you in carrying out all your study and business activities. With a strong, elegant, concise, easy and smart appearance, TIPI technology can quickly become a hub for all your needs in your study class or business room. The TIPI panel can be touched and used so that more than 10 touch points simultaneously, can quickly access directly to cellular applications and software, become monirroring devices and wireless connectivity - all designed to enable you to collaborate quickly in real time.